Power Washing

  • Ninety-nine percent of the projects we work on require preparation.  And, one of the most used tools for prep work is our 3500 psi power washer.  If you have a dirty surface you think needs washing (driveways, garages, porches, stoops, patios, decks, etc.) then give us a call and we will wash it for you!  We can clean the grimy sidings of your home and make it look practically brand new again!

Micro-top Finishes

  • Do you have a concrete slab you think is beyond repair?  Before considering to cover your painted, glued, grouted, pitted, ugly, damaged, eye sore concrete with carpet, tile, or linoleum, give us a call and let us help you discover how beautiful your slab can be.  We use durable, raw materials to cover those undesirable surfaces leaving a spectacular faux finish!

Acid Staining

  • We apply high quality acid stains to give a rustic, earth-toned, natural color.  Acid staining can be tricky but we have had many years of practice, and so, we can come very close to providing you with the color you want.


  • All concrete floors need to have a sealer for protective purposes.  We trust the “tried and true” sealers that have proven not to yellow over time and are very durable.  Whether it’s a solid color or a high gloss transparent industrial strength epoxy, we will have what you need for a low maintenance, low cost floor!